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Please read before posting! Questions that Should Not be Asked:

  • Where can I illegally download episodes from? (We play by the rules here.)
  • Can this feature be added to Tapped Out?
  • (We don't make the game.)
  • How much is this merchandise worth?
  • (This would be speculation on our part.)
  • Questions about opinions. (How long will the Simpsons last? Will this happen?)
  • Requests to add content to Wikisimpsons articles. (Anyone can edit the site, including you.)
  • Support requests for your Wikisimpsons account. (Email instead.)
  • Why was my account banned or my page deleted? (Use the wiki talk pages instead.)
  • Duplicates of existing questions. (Try searching first using the search bar at the top of the page.)

Posting any of the questions above or close variations will result in your question being deleted. Please read over these carefully, as your question may be better answered elsewhere! Updated: 05/11/15

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