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What is the pink building on the background of this frame?

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See frame below. What does de sign on the pink building (on the background) say? What is on the right of this sign? Also, why a Christmas star on the wall?

asked Apr 27, 2015 by anonymous

2 Answers

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It's just a random background building. Nothing important about it.
answered May 8, 2015 by Solar Dragon (talk) (93,830 points)
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The writing on the pink building is blurred and I am sure it was hard to get the screen capture.  Bart is skateboarding across the town and in doing so  gives us a tour of the town, in sorts. I think the writing could be "Soda Pop"  a sign to indicate an ice cream shoppe where people buy ice cream sundaes. The type of place typical teens hung out after school in 1950's comedies. Perhaps it's a nod to these long ago and simple times in the typical towns across America, but nothing is simple or typical in Springfield, is it?

answered May 17, 2015 by DashRipr0ck (talk) (170 points)