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looking for a simpsons episode where homer takes marge and the kids to a fair

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I do not remember everything about this episode but it involves homer takes marge and the kids to someplace where homer andvmarge used to love when they were young. However when they arrive they find that the pierre or fair has become rundown and the people who work there are strange. At one point the kids are pshing Marge on a carousel (without her knowing) because it is broken and homer wantes her to have a good experience. Please help this is so important to me and i have looked everywhere!!
asked Aug 5, 2015 by pleasehelp
retagged Apr 4, 2016 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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I think you mean "The Wife Aquatic", the carousel part was there but the story was only about Marge as young not Homer.

answered Aug 8, 2015 by AleWi (talk) (14,280 points)