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What is the name/Artist of S27E1 hip song where Homer goes to up-beat bar with girl (pharmacist)?

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After Homer meets the pharmacist girl in Season 27 Episode 1, they immediately go to a bar. In the background there is an awesome hip song that plays as they talk in the bar. The song only plays in the bar. It's a really cool song but I can't find who makes it. Plays at roughly 10:50 min into episode and plays for a little while as they talk. Who is the artist of the song and what is the name of it?
asked Dec 23, 2015 by DuffSenses
edited Jan 7, 2016 by Solar Dragon (talk)

1 Answer

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I think you mean "Big City" by Spacemen 3.

answered Jan 7, 2016 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)