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Is there a scene based on Acts 10: pig descending from heaven on a blanket, Homer told to eat it?

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My wife and I have fairly clear memories of a scene from the Simpsons, but I'm having _very_ little look googlging to confirm it. We're beginning to wonder if we invented it in mutual conversation.

My clearest memory of the content is that it would be connected to Acts chapter 10 in the Bible, where Peter has a vision of all kinds of "unclean" food like pigs descending from heaven on something like a tablecloth or a blanket. And God tells him to eat it ("kill and eat" is the quote in the bible, maybe). Basically indicating that all the old kosher/kashrud laws are thrown out the window.

And, I have a reasonably clear memory of a Simpsons episode featuring a scene like this. A blanket or tablecloth descending from the sky. Food and/or animals on the blanket. Maybe a pig telling Homer to eat him.

But, I have little or no memory of the context. My wife thinks it might taken place outside the church.

There are plenty of pig references in the Simpsons, or references to Homer enjoying pork products, or even talking pigs. Obviously lots of bible stories and references. The pig in the Garden of Eden comes close (and, biblically, Adam should _not_ have been eating meat in Eden!). But, I'm not coming up with anything like the blanket/tablecloth/cloth descending from the sky.

Are we making this up? Thanks for any help you can offer!
asked Apr 20, 2016 by anonymous
edited Apr 22, 2016 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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The closest scene I can think of is in "Simpsons Bible Stories" where a pig offers Homer, who is playing Adam, bacon directly from him and Homer then peels bacon from him.

answered Apr 22, 2016 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)