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Why is comic book guy never shown in any future themed episodes?

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asked Oct 7 by Spare-tire (talk) (520 points)
retagged Oct 11 by Solar Dragon (talk)

2 Answers

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Since we are not the writers or producers, we can not answer this.
answered Oct 11 by Solar Dragon (talk) (93,630 points)
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Like Solar said, we can't answer for sure, but I'll venture a guess: CBG is always shown as obese, not eating at all sensibly (constant junk food), and has even had a heart attack ("Worst Episode Ever"). Maybe there's a collective assumption that he's going to be dead!
answered Oct 12 by Mythigator (talk) (1,010 points)
That would be too bad since he's the only one I haven't seen in old age form.

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