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What happened to Colin?

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In 'The Simpsons' movie, Lisa has a love interest named Colin who is from Ireland. Lisa's other love interests throughout the seasons turn out to not be what Lisa is looking for. However, Colin didn't act or behave in a way that Lisa lost interest. Instead, they are still together at the end of the movie. The thing is, after the opening scene of season 19 episode 1, Colin is never seen again, nor is it explained as to what happened to him. Can someone please help with this?
asked Feb 26, 2014 by anonymous
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Many characters only appear in one episode/comic/other media and are never seen again. In The Simpsons, the "reset button" is hit at the end of nearly every episode and this seems to be the case with the movie. Everything just went back to how it was before the movie. Colin has just been ignored by the other writers and producers.

answered Feb 26, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)
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