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Can you please move the file that prevents some pages from being edited.

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I would like to add some more information on some articles and I am not able to because of the lock file, I would be very happy if it was removed from all files that have this file, thanks.
asked Oct 3, 2014 by Liamkane123 (talk) (150 points)
retagged Oct 6, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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I'm assuming you mean the padlock on the top of some pages? That doesn't protect the page from being edited, it just shows that the page is protected. Some pages are semi protected because they're high traffic pages and get vandalised frequently. Autoconfirmed users can edit them though. You just need to make many edits and be a user for many days (numbers are not revealed to stop users making pointless edits to get to those numbers) and then you can edit semi protected pages.
answered Oct 6, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)
selected Oct 11, 2014 by Liamkane123 (talk)