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Why did my game get deleted on my android tablet?

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Came home to put more money on the game so i could buy things and when i logged into the game, it was gone, but it is showing my town that i had created up to level 12 on my wifes mini ipad, why is this?
asked Feb 18, 2014 by anonymous
retagged Feb 19, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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Your game should be linked to an Origin account. You use this to log in and all the game's data is stored to this account. However, you don't need one to play the game. The problem with this is that you can't get friends on the game and you can lose all your data if something goes wrong.

If you have an Origin account, make sure you're logged in with the correct details. If you don't have one, you will have to contact EA help.

answered Feb 19, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,150 points)
selected Mar 9, 2014 by Loco87 (talk)