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Can all the Lard Lad Donuts related pages, Bard Lad, First Church of Lard Lad, World-Famous Lard Lad etc. be combined?

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The information about Lard Lad is very bland. There are lots of things about Lard Lad gone unmentioned. In Cool Winter Blues, the Lard Lad is dressed like an elf holding a sprig of mistletoe. In The Day the Earth Stood Cool, The Lard Lad Donuts shop becomes a Devilled Donuts shop, yet still resembles Lard Lad. When the Simpsons went to Israel, a parody of Lard Lad called Bagel Boy appeared. There are more appearences of Lard Lad Donuts then shown on all its pages. Also, the Lard Lad Kid of the Year needs more pictures, but before that, the pages should become sections of Lard Lad Donuts, if not links to them added.
asked Mar 28, 2014 by John
retagged Mar 28, 2014 by Loco87 (talk)

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No, they cannot be merged into a single article unless it is approved in Wikisimpsons Merge and Split Requests Page after being nominated and discussed.

answered Mar 28, 2014 by Loco87 (talk) (37,620 points)
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