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Will there be a sequel to the Superheroes Event?

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It had a really ambiguous ending, and the task "Train for future conflict" doesn't seem to leave much to the imagination.........
asked Apr 5, 2015 by Dr. Hu (talk) (570 points)
retagged Apr 9, 2015 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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We do not know whether there will be or not. The Train For Future Conflict task is probably so we can continue having the animation on the statue.
answered Apr 9, 2015 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)
selected Apr 10, 2015 by Dr. Hu (talk)
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hopefully there is but for now it is unknown. Though we could get Dr Crab or a mysterio next year.
answered Apr 5, 2015 by JOSHIE T (talk) (140 points)