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Which Springfield items are compatible with krustyland? Tapped out

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For example: Rose bush

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asked Apr 7, 2014 by Hanz
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To be exact, none of the springfield items are compatible with krustyland, but this doesn't mean that you can not plant a tree in Springfield and the same type of tree in krustyland. This means that if you buy a tree in springfield and you store it in your inventory, and you go to krustyland and you try to put that tree on krustyland, you'll see a message saying that you can't place things that have been bought in springfield; so you have to buy the same tree in krustyland with Krustyland Tickets. The same thing happens when trying to place a krustyland-bought item to springfield.

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answered Apr 8, 2014 by Loco87 (talk) (37,620 points)
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Thanks for your answer.. but actually you can use items from Springfield on Krustyland!!.. To be exact, I realized that Valentine's items can be put on Krustyland.. I figured it out after storing a couple of Rose bushes breeded from Cletus' Farm, went to Krustyland and put it there.. Then I cheked on some other items like the lovely gazebo and the heart-shaped balloons and they were available too! ... Though someone else know which other items can be used*
I already checked that wiki but there isn't enough info*
Thanks man!! And hope i can make myself clear because my english is a little bit rusty

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