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Which are the episodes where there is a family argument ?

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I'm talking about Simpsons' family
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There are a bunch, but here are two of the most notable:

"There's No Disgrace Like Home" (S1 E4) - The Simpsons go to Dr. Marvin Monroe for family counseling, but the session degenerates into all the family members (including Maggie) indulging in a free-for-all mutual electroshock war that triggers a brownout and causes Monroe's other patients to flee the clinic in panic.

"Brawl in the Family" (S13 E7) - The Simpsons get into an argument during a game of Monopoly, and police intervention is required to restore order in the house. Afterwards, the family are required to undergo counseling sessions with a social worker. The sessions help to re-establish the Simpsons as a functional family, but their newfound harmony is put to the test when Homer's and Ned's "Vegas wives" (from an earlier episode, "Viva Ned Flanders") turn up in Springfield.
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