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Why didn't I get Tunnel of Love?

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My son & I play Simpsons tapped out a lot & both didn't end up getting the tunnel of love... Not happy
asked Feb 26, 2014 by Amanda
edited Feb 28, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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You get the tunnel of love if you collected all prizes on the Wheel of Friendship as a bonus gift.
answered Feb 27, 2014 by AleWi (talk) (14,280 points)
selected Feb 27, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk)
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You couldn't get it because the event ended on February 25th. Anyway, it is probable that it will return on next year if there's a Valentine's Day 2015 Event!

Hope this helped!

For more info: Valentine's Day 2014 Event

answered Feb 26, 2014 by Loco87 (talk) (37,620 points)