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Will we be given the opportunity to acquire items after challenges are complete that we missed during the challenges?

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I have missed out on some previous challenges thus some pretty neat items.  Also, some of the challenges ran out before I could acquire all the items.  Will they either be offered up for purchase or may there be an opportunity for special challenges that allow for the winning of previous items?  I'm just say in'  ;-)
asked Jul 8, 2014 by Amberina10
retagged Jul 12, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk)

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The chances are a lot of items will be re-released at some time. However, some may not, such as the Cool Brown House and Fruit-Bat-Man skins.

answered Jul 12, 2014 by Solar Dragon (talk) (94,530 points)
selected Jul 15, 2014 by Loco87 (talk)